Our Services


In home care, the level of skills matters.

At P-B Health, quality of care is our focus. Our skilled nursing health care professionals are the best in the industry. The services provided by our registered nurses, physical therapist, speech as well as occupational therapists are not only highly rated, but also enable you to get the best results in your recovery. When you or your loved one is recovering from an illness or injury these services may be necessary for their short term or long term rehabilitation. P-B Health Home Care allows you to receive high levels of skilled nursing care in the comfort of your own home. We specialize in services such as wound care, IV therapy, physical therapy, and much more. In addition, we are uniquely skilled to manage the care of recovering Covid patients at home.

Sometimes you need help recovering movement and flexibility.

When a doctor prescribes treatments to help a patient recover, it often involves using multiple therapies. At P-B Health we provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

These services have many purposes in helping patients recover including:

  • Helping a patient rehabilitate after a stroke, surgery or injury.

  • Helping patients increase strength, grow stamina, and improve flexibility.

  • Helping patients increase balance and coordination to prevent slips and/or falls.

  • Helping patients use assistive devices such as a wheelchair or walker.

  • Physical therapy is also useful for helping patients relieve or manage pain.

  • Also, helps patients manage chronic illnesses such as arthritis or diabetes. 

Senior Therapy

One of the benefits of home care is access to private duty services. This is assistance provided to those elderly individuals who need help with their daily activities. Private duty caregivers make regularly scheduled visits to your home. They help your family member with daily activities that include things like maintaining personal grooming and hygiene. They help the elderly in maintaining order in their physical environment with things like housekeeping and laundry support. Finally, an important factor for the elderly is proper meals and nutrition. Private duty caregivers can assist with following the nutritional guidelines that are prescribed by physicians or nutritionist. And can do grocery shopping which helps seniors maintain a healthy diet.


When moments matter most...

Receiving a limited life expectancy diagnosis is difficult for the whole family. At P-B Health, we realize that quality of life and time matters. We are here to help you make every moment count. Our new Making Memories Matter Hospice care program allows for focus on the palliation of a limited life diagnosis. We help the patient manage pain, symptoms, and other physical challenges; while at the same time attending to their emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life. Our goal is to reduce pain and minimize suffering. Hospice care prioritizes comfort and maximizing quality of life in order to make those precious moments matter.