Qualification Schedule for Uncompensated Services

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P-B Health will make available a reasonable amount of health care without charge due to persons eligibility under it's Charity Care guidelines. Uncompensated services are available to patients whose family income does not exceed the limits based on the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines.

Charity care is based on a sliding fee schedule. If your income within the following ranges, you may qualify for uncompensated services.

If you feel you may be eligible for uncompensated services and wish to request them, please discuss with P-B Health Pre-Admission Nurse or call P-B Health 410.235.1060. P-B Health will make a determine of probable eligibility for medical assistance, charity care, and/or reduced fees and communicate that determination to the patient within two business days following the patient's initial request for charity care services, application or Medical Assistance or both. A written determination on the final eligibility application will be made within seven working days after all required information has been provided.


P-B Health will work with you to develop a time payment plan that you can afford during a period of twelve months.