Physician Oversight

At P-B Health our goal is to help you get paid for the care you are already providing for your patients. Each day physicians spend an enormous amount of time doing things such as reviewing charts, drafting reports, and writing treatment plans. In addition, a patient's health is an ongoing process that will often require additional labs and other test results that were not ordered during the face-to-face encounter. This often qualifies a patient for Care Plan Oversight (CPO).

What is Care Plan Oversight?

It is the process that physicians follow to oversee the complex care needs of Medicare home health and hospice patients. Physicians can be reimbursed for these services. For more information on Medicare guidelines for home care CPO, click here.

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Physicians are the central point of contact for their patients. This requires telephone calls to other health care professionals who are involved in different aspects of patient care out side of the doctor's office. Many of those calls help coordinate the team of caregivers through conferences and discussions with pharmacists about medical therapies. All of these actions provide for more effective medical decision making.


The most important elements of CPO is accurately tracking, documenting, and logging your activities. P-B Health provides resources to help you organize patient information for accuracy of names and dates of home care services.

This documentation begins with logging your home care patient activity. A documentation long is provided for your convenience.