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Medical Records and HCHB

  • Home health record keeping can generate a lot of paperwork. In fact, home health care is among the most regulated and documented of industries. Over the past decade technologies have emerged that make it easier and safer to store medical records digitally. P-B Health Home Care agency was among the first to take advantage of this emerging technology.

  • While P-B Health has not done away with paper entirely, we have made the switch to collect and store most of our records digitally. By working with Homecare Homebase, P-B Health is able to more efficiently manage our patient records both in the office and in the field.

  • Using the Homecare Homebase system, the nurses, therapists and home health aides are able to document a patient visit using handheld computers. Once a home health professional documents a home visit, they then send the visit information securely over the internet to a central computer. From there the office staff is able to process the paperwork by sending orders to physicians and billing the claims in record time. This means that less time spent on paper work and there is a stored electronic patient record.