P-B Health Hospice Care

P-B Health Hospice Care was established in 2019 to address the needs of limited life patients and their families. A limited life diagnosis is emotionally and physically challenging for everyone. In addition, the person has the greatest desire to spend the end of their life in the familiar environment of home where they are most comfortable and can connect with meaningful memories. P-B Health understands the importance of meeting the needs of the whole person. We address the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs of limited life patients as well as supporting the needs of other family members. 


At P-B Health our hospice program combines professional skills with compassionate care. Our team serves at the intersection of medical expertise and emotional, spiritual and counseling support. We work in partnership with your medical team, spiritual advisor and other available community support. Our goal is to help you focus on improving quality of life for the patient and for your family. 

Hospice care is...

  • Providing compassionate limited life services in a safe and secure environment which is usually your home 

  • Rendering hospice services while utilizing the skills and experience of medical professionals and clinicians

  • Relieving or managing pain with medication and other prescribed techniques

  • Supporting spiritual wellness with social intervention and grief counseling 

  • Facilitating communication between the patient, his or her family, care provider, and or volunteer

  • Providing educational resources about utilizing the benefits of hospice care

Our goal is...

At P-B Health our approach is to contain costs for our patients and their families as they experience a life limiting diagnosis. We help them maximize the remaining time with their family. We make that time as free of pain and discomfort as possible. We will also provide emotional support for the whole family. Finally, we help you identify other resources that enable you to live your remaining time to it's fullest.